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Motorcycle accident Motorcycle accident

Legal help after a motorcycle accident

Attorney Larry Agunsday is experienced and knowledgeable about motorcycle accident cases and is confident in representing riders. He ardently supports motorcyclists and is adamant about getting you the outcome you deserve if you are injured due to another driver or person on the road. Learn more about Larry's dedication to fight for riders.

Experienced & passionate attorney

At Philadelphia Auto Injury Attorneys, our own Larry Agunsday is a fellow rider who understands the struggles and stigma that come with motorcycles incidents.  Larry will defend your case if you are injured while riding your motorcycle and get you the compensation you deserve.

Specialized legal representation

  • Auto accidents

  • SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Mass transit

Prompt legal advice

Contact us to get a FREE legal consultation and fill out our contact form to receive a FREE online copy of Larry Agunsday's book " How to Wreck Your Auto Wreck Claim: Avoid Them at All Costs."  Get legal representation from someone who has experience and knowledge on auto accidents, motorcycles and insurance claims.

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